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WELCOME TO PANTYSALE.NET, where buyers and sellers of used panties fulfill their fantasies!! We want to welcome you all here. At PantySale.net, our site is never slow nor does it ever crash! We know other pathetic sites out there are just DOWNRIGHT LOUSY! If you have been looking for a place where you can securely buy used panties or sell used panties, create an account on our site today! We know that many sites where individuals can sell or buy used underwear do not have exceptional reputations. We aim to be different! Our community is moderated by trustworthy administrators who will not tolerate scamming of any kind. You can feel completely confident each time you post on our forums. We have so much more here to offer our members and we ARE HALF THE PRICE! We reinforce rules, have 24/7 MOD's and Administrators (support) monitoring and weeding out scam artists, moochers, time wasters, drama and rubbish. PantySale.net is a premium website and we strive to provide our members with a safe, enjoyable environment. ALL XXX GOES! We have ZERO TOLERANCE to scamming. Here, if you are scamming anyone whether you are a seller or a buyer, you can no longer be a member to such an elite site such as Panty Sale. We have a voting system on our polls. It will then be used and then up to the discretion of our members and our support team if you should still be on this hot and sexxxy site. Come check us out, we promise this will be your new home


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Pantysale.net promises that it will invest all membership sales back into new scripts, site improvements, and server space so PantySale.net will never become slow and you will have enough space to upload images and videos which is and will always be unlimited.
We aim for and have a clean site, meaning

1.) NO Spamming AND NO advertising.
2.) Bans will mostly be Vote Bans meaning your peers will be voting for you ON THE POLLS
3.) Be nice to all members, especially Moderators and Admins! Mod's and Admins spend their time monitoring this site for your safety and protection!!
4.) Treat people with respect, because you will have a larger clientele and will be loved here. Treat people the way YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. If you cannot do this, leave the site or you will be removed.
5.) No harassment of women or men.
6.) You cannot monopolize people in any way, shape, or form. NO MONOPOLIZING! They are free to buy from whomever THEY choose.
7.) Vendors have the right to refuse service to anyone.
8.) If you live in a different country and you neglect to tell the vendor such, the vendor has the right to back out of the order within the last minute.
9.) IF you have any problems with anyone here, DO NOT go to them and start a war. Simply PM, or IM a MOD or Admin and tell us the situation. You can also e-mail us. They will get back to you IMMEDIATELY.
10.) Nobody and WE MEAN NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT UNDERAGE, INCEST, Date Rape, BEast---Ality, and breaking any other social norms.
11.) Vendors can refuse service to anyone!
12.) HARASSMENT IS A BAN-ABLE OFFENSE outside of PantySale.net we will give local police in your area your IP address.
13.) Mind your manners!

We frown upon paypal.com WHY? Because we have literally seen thousands of women loose thousands of dollars it's about $100,000,000++ worth frozen where people needed lawyers.
Good alternatives are Western Union, Money Gram, Greendot Reload It Pak, BitCoins, Authorize.net, Google checkout, Amazon gift cards, or simply Cash In Mail! It is between the buyer and seller. We will have a special affiliate program for you. ENJOY AND HAPPY SELLING AND BUYING IN THIS FANTASTIC, SEXY, AND WONDERFUL FULFILLING COMMUNITY! INDULGE IN YOUR FANTASIES AND BE YOURSELF! MAKE MONEY AND FRIENDS!


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